Project Details

*Location of homeland the best location in the city of 6 October where is located on the Boulevard axis, the most important axis of the city currently has the largest developers.Real estate and the best in Egypt, such as Mountain View, Porto October, Garden Hills, Sodic, Green 5 and New Cairo University.

* Itis one of the Egyptian government’s proposals to increase the availability of Foreigncurrency by providing a distinct area and a distinct location in the new cities and offer them to workers abroad to build housing units in return for payment of land value in dollars.

*6th of October City is located Just 38 kilometers from Cairo is characterized by calm affection because of the population of the decline is also characterized by atmospheric weather moderate affection due to rising sea level, Sixth of October City with the largest industrial area and the most famous commercial malls such as Mall Arab and Mall of Egypt and most famous private universities such as University 6 October and the University of Egypt MSAMSA..

*Not only this Oct. 6 there is the whole complex of services such as restaurants, cafes and clubs with high quality not only that the green spaces and landscapes that are attractive in most neighborhoods where.

*license ground floor and three typical floors, which reduces the population density and the number of units not more than 8 units of the project only two apartments in the floor.

*In spite of all the advantages covered by the project of the zone of Homeland, it is characterized by very good prices for real estate.

Project features:

* All units have two face double facedouble face The front of the Street is 18-meter-wide and facing the green landscape..

* Unique strategic location in front of Zayed 4 entrances directly And 5 minutes from the Mall Egypt Mall, Arkan Mall, Juhina Square, Cairo International University and MSA), the project is surrounded by many of the Outstanding investment projects, such as (Mountain View I-City, Sodic, Grand Heights, October Plaza, Green 5, Porto October, Mount View Shell out Park) near clubs (fishing club, 6th of October City club ,Club of Engineers)

* Modern designs, allowing the customer to easily make any adjustments in the unit without the emergence of any fall The use of the best materials for the finishing items (electricity – plumbing – finish finishing paints – design and finish entrance Construction of marble), installation of doors armored units with a high safety factor, the installation of a sector Aluminum on the facade of a high Quality, use of high quality prefabricated concrete , installation of high quality elevators with major companies operating in the field .

* Electronic gates , surveillance cameras and 24- hour security , video intercom , Finished garage Super Lux (helicopter passes – Drainage water network – an electronic portal with remote – Guided boards – Contraindications collision), complete equipment for air conditioners (Air conditioning holder – water drainage network ) per unit, super deluxe finishing of the roofs of buildings Insulation of moisture and heat .

Specifications of finishing and receiving features:

1 – Implementation of the facades at the highest level of design and provide them with light systemlight system

2 – Implementation of the facades with distinctive paints ..

3 – Implementation of entrances and stairs with the highest marble and granite materials ..

4 – Implementation of terraces and windows with the highest alumetal materials ..

5 – Implementation of electronic garage gates ..

6 – Use a visual intercom connected to the entrance and guard room ..

7 – Installation of sophisticated elevators and the highest rates of safety ..

8 – Implementation of Turkish armored doors..

9 – Installation of Air conditioning holder and water drainage network for air conditioning to preserve the facades against moisture..

10-Dependence on the construction method flat slapflat slap مما يتيح الاستغلال الأمثل للمساحةAllowing optimal utilization of space..

11- Implement the water and drainage network with the highest raw materials ..

12 – Implementation of the garage floors with the helicopter system and the implementation of lighting..

13- Storage spaces for each unit.