We have a specific and clear vision in the real estate field by choosing the best, best and best real estate services in this field.

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Enhancing the confidence of our customers and investors through serious real estate work by providing distinguished housing in all respects to fulfill the desires and expectations of our customers according to their various potentials and needs.
We always strive to be one of the leading companies in the field of real estate in Egypt and the world.

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Trying to provide what the customer needs and help him to know the best and provide him with all the information that will help him in searching and buying the right property without any compensation, as we seek to build strong professional and personal relationships and extend the roots of the relationship.

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About Juzoor:

Juzoor Real Estate

for Construction and Development is considered one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development with more than 20 years of experience with a previous honorable business and more than one project at the district level of Giza and Sixth of October City as we provide the most suitable units that meet all the needs of our customers and adhere to the level of finishing and the best quality and safety standards Delivery is on time and we always strive to provide the best standard of living at the lowest cost in different areas and projects, taking into account the selection of the best and most distinctive sites to provide privacy and an appropriate standard of living for all our customers.

Juzoor Real Estate brought together a team of experienced, young and innovative professionals and gave them the mandate to build the largest real estate development company in Egypt and the naked world.

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Why Bayt El Watan?

6th of October

Bayt El Watan October is distinguished by its unique location, as it is located directly behind Mall of Arabia and in front of the entrance to Zayed 4 and steps from Shooting Club, October Branch, 6 October Club, Engineers Club, and Al Ahly Club, and next to Mountain View ICity and the faculty compound of Cairo University And behind the new Cairo University branch.

Beit El watan

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Construction Standards

By choosing the best locations, all units are designed with the highest quality and with the best materials to maintain quality and safety standards. Such as: all kinds of bituminous insulation layers to protect from the fluctuations of the atmosphere, the best types of gypsum and cement, filter sand, cement bricks, and the use of the finest and finest types of ceramics.

Juzoor is keen to design the most beautiful shapes to suit all tastes. We have luxurious facades, entrance and stairs, natural marble laser, a garage with a helicopter floor 2 Ramp with a storage room, electronic garage gates, stands and air conditioner drainage. And this is under the supervision and implementation of a team of the most efficient engineers and experts in the field of construction, construction and real estate development in Egypt and the Middle East.

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House Watan October

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