About us

Who We Are?

Juzoor Real Estateis a leading real estate development company with more than 20 years of experience in this field, especiallyin the areas of October, Zayed, Haram and Al Ahram Gardens. After careful study of the real estate market, we have integrated the customer’s need for quality, price, location, excellence and after sales service. All of this has comebecause we are carefully and accurately Our selection of Our projects and using the best materials in building.

we building relationships with our customers by understanding their needs, assisting them, following them, providing consultation and advice in all they need before buying and after sales.

Our Vision

*We have a clear vision to expand in the real estate field by choosing the best locations and providing the best real estate services through a selection of the best youth cadres in this field, and also consulting the largest professors and engineers with experience in this field.
*Enhancing the confidence of our customers and investors through serious real estate work, based on trust and mutual respect among all business partners through providing distinguished housing of all sides to meet the wishes and expectations of our customers according to their different Possibilities and needs.

* We want to beone of the most respected real estate companies in Egypt and the world and to be a leader in the real estate market by providing a lifestyle of value and high quality.

* Juzoor Company is committed to creating and delivering a lifestyle of value and quality through innovation, experience and knowledge, and a focused approach of this toensuring the full satisfaction of our clients.

Our Mission

*Providing advice honestly and truthfully and with transparency and credibility to customers even if the purchase is not from our company andenough for us have the confidence of customers in helping them buy their housing.

*Our customers’ happiness is our goal and our mission. You can rely on us and trust in what we offer you not only real estate and residential services, but also from the observations and tips to seek your satisfaction and trust us.

*We seek to build strong professional and personal relationships and extend the roots of the relationship with our customers and maintain them and gain their trust and satisfaction.

*Create a relationship of friendship and love between us and our customers and all members of the work and do not want to be limited only to the sale and purchase, but we want to be a relationship further.

* Juzoor Real Estate has a skilled team of experienced professionals in key positions.

* Juzoor Real estate will continue to acquire quality properties and develop them on the basis of their real values.

* Once the real estate is acquired fordevelopment, Juzoor Real Estate will provide all the help elements of services, skills and systems in accordance with the highest quality standards to achieve the highest operational efficiency.

* In all cases, Juzoor staff will be maintained and supported by the most advanced systems and the selection of talented and skilled professionals who insist on the highest standards only and work in an intensive but enjoyable environment.

Projects available



Project Details
*Location of homeland the best location in the city of 6 October …



Project Details
*Location of homeland the best location in the city of 6 October …